Rua 7 Building - Goiânia

Two strategies of time are developed to insert the Rua 7 Building in Goiânia, one involving technique as the fundamental element and the other, the context.

A new building technique is implemented as a con- sequence of the effects of the historic moment, sci- entific progress and human needs. In view of these technical specificities, we proposed a mixed structure consisting of repeated prefabricated glulam pieces, a hitherto rarely-used technique in Brazil’s high-rise buildings, and in-situ cast concrete elements, a com- mon, familiar technique.

The aim of this mixture of techniques is to set up a temporal dialogue in the context of Goiânia, not as an indicator of the future or the past but about the very existence of a city which, at the beginning of the 20th century, strove for modernity with its French style and gardens. Thanks to these over- lapped techniques, the building is inserted, nego- tiating with the contradiction of the context and proposing its inclusion as one of the stopping points in the city’s series of parks.

Concrete elements emerge from a mineral base —fully accessible, part of the city's park system— which not only support the upper floors but also compose follies, adding another time-related component to this new building. A rigid concrete core supports the prefab glulam structure. The base consists of three levels: the ground floor, with public spaces and shops, above it an area that can be used as both a car park and an events venue, and finally the third level, with access control and common areas.

The wet areas and the varied infrastructure needed for work are in the central core. On either side, open-plan spaces permit diverse, flexible distributions. In the outer layer, the balconies serve a dual purpose, creating another spatiality for the work areas while at the same time aiding climate control by sheltering the interior from intense sunlight and producing a natural ventilation circuit in conjunction with the central rigid core.

A project in partnership with AMATA.


Gustavo Utrabo


Beatriz Rocha, Aline Zorgo, Vinicius Postillone, Ana Mulky.


FR Incorporadora


Equilibrium Consultant.


Goiânia, Goiás - Brasil




Wood, Concrete, Steel, Glass, Textile.