RIBA International Prize Winner 2018
RIBA International Emerging Architect 2018

Children Village - Canuanã, Tocantins

“Providing elemental shelter on a heroic scale,
the Children Village is a model of architectural
ingenuity in a remote rural region of Brazil.” @guardian

Rua 7 Building - Goiânia

xingu canopies

EGU intends to expand the architecture field, connect people and imagine the future.

        amazon rainforest community industry


children village refurbishment - bodoquena

  We carry out projects and
research in a collaborative way.

a restaurant in a garden

jardim são francisco cultural center

                    drawing the shade - hku

We materialize our critical perspective into atmospheres, objects and concepts.

from extraction to growth - a concreteless project

central roof - public market of florianópolis

caiobá house

prefab house

pinheiros ballroom 

a través

we are permanently
hiring ; join our team!

pedreira paulo leminski stage