A través

Beyond a vast clearing, I am able to spot an immense green mass that stands out on the horizon. It strangely magnetizes me, like a mirage. It pulls me to its interior with unusual and extraordinary strength, as if there was something there to be felt. I instinctively walk toward it, slowly, across the clearing, as the undergrowth gradually reaches my waist. I run my hand gently over it, as it grows and welcomes my body, as if gently embracing me. Wandering, as if hypnotized, I try to reach its interior, the closer I get, the denser it becomes. I almost imperceptibly become smaller, with each new step I take. I feel no abrupt interruption, everything flows, it is always a constant in passing, a continuum, a feeling that binds to the next, even if, at times, my eyes fixate on the small details that compose it, I am not imprisoned by this and continue forward.

It’s not only me who is moving, it moves in response to me and to a multitude of other elements over which I have no control. We move together to the point of not knowing if it is interfering with me or if I interfere with it. Gradually, as in a discovery, I spot a distinct point of light. I am drawn to it. I walk toward it. The closer I get the stronger it becomes. In the beginning it was only a point, now it’s a strong beam of light that blends with the feeling of acceptance that it maintains with my body. At every step the light becomes more intense, until the moment I am about to touch it, but for this I must now break a barrier, a portal.

I enter without hesitation. As in an epiphany, I step in the clearing where, once again, the light abounds and disrupts the smooth transition that I had experienced. Now, everything is clear and even more vertical, the scale is another and I wonder what it would be like if others were here enjoying this same place.

Between coming and going, between accessing and exiting, between the different hierarchies, how does my body behave? What if no other door was opened? What would happen if the simple displacement allowed us not only access, but also a range of sensations indicative of the experience of the present and not of a new state to which one dreams to access? What if the dialectics conformed through a sensorial rupture––such as those routinely established between public and private, between inside and outside, between the past and the future––were dissociated?

Since there is no way to experience a metaphysical understanding about an upcoming state––being inside or outside, for example––you can only experience it the moment you find yourself in this other state. In other words, we only understand what it really means to “be inside” once we witness this new moment. We aim to lengthen the breach that occurs between two distinct states, to dissolve a rigid line in a gradient of points that expand, thus creating a space that reminds us, now and continuously, of a present being in between, or through.


Gustavo Utrabo, Pedro Duschenes


Ana Júlia Filipe, Bárbara Zandavali, Maguelonne Gorioux, Felipe Gomes, Severine Bogers.


Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba - Brasil






105 m2


Pvc Tubes, Steel.